2010 SYNOD
of the

(Our thanks to many who shared their photos with us)


(Fr. Michael Seger, Fr.Nioclás Kelly, Fr. Greg Singleton, Deacon Jeannine Singleton)

Fr. Rafe Adams Explains it All--and we do mean All!

The Rev. Dr. Janine Stock presiding at Morning Prayer

Fr. Greg, ECC Webmaster Bill Hanzel, The Rev. Rosa Buffone, Fr. Rafe

Lining Up For a Liturgical Procession

Jeannine serving once more as Deacon
(assisting Bishop Rick Hollingsworth)
before her ordination to the priesthood
On November 6, 2010

(Mother Jessica Rowley and Fr. Dewayne Messenger also assisted)

The Election of Fr. Steven Rosczewski as Bishop of the Diocese of Florida is confirmed by the Synod

The Election of Fr. Armondo Leyva as Suffragan Bishop of California is confirmed by the Synod

Bishop Rick Hollingsworth is affirmed by the Synod as Suffragan Bishop of Anglican Rite Communities

Bishop Peter signs the legislation passed by the Synod
Fr. Steve and Sr. Sarah, leaders of the Houses of Pastors and Laity, Observe

Bishop Jim of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America
An Ecumenical Partner

(also in the photo Fr. Jim Lehman and Bishop Peter)

The Final Mass of the Synod

Presiding Bishop Peter Hickman

The Revs. Kathleen Jess, Verona Mazzei and Kay Schmitt

Deacon Mike Weil