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Some bibliographies are touted as "comprehensive" or even "complete." Very few are comprehensive. None are complete. As this page is being written new work is being published. The best thing that a bibliography can do is to put the reader in touch with a body of literature that will lead to ever expanding bibliographies on a topic. Thus we are attempting to present those who use this service with a workable sample of a vast sea of scholarship. As we talk or correspond with you after you have sampled the suggested works we can get a better idea about your specific interests. Hopefully we can then help you build a bibliography tailored to your specific project.

We are compiling a number of limited but useful bibliographies as a starting point for those involved in individual study through the Virtual House of Studies. Those listings highlighted in color are now available. Those that now appear in black print will be added as each is finished. Other time-sensitive projects of the Community of St. Francis, the House of Studies, and the Communion keep pushing bibliography preparation aside, but we are committed to finishing the bibliographies as soon as possible. If you are interested in any of the topics for which bibliographies have not yet been posted, please be assured that we can assist you in developing your own project in these areas in the meantime.

The following menu is clustered by topic. The works cited are selected for their intellectual integrity, scholarly value, and utility for a Catholic and Ecumenical perspective that is both faithful to tradition and progressive. No denominational or confessional criteria have been used for either including or excluding titles. Among the works listed in the following one will find some authors who are Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Evangelical, Liberal Protestant, Jewish, and secular.

The bibliographies are .pdf files and require an Adobe reader. Click on the following logo for a free download:

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Understanding the Ecumenical Catholic Communion
The Old Catholic Tradition

Introduction to The Study of Scripture
Hebrew Scriptures
New Testament

Introduction to the History of Christianity
History of Early Christianity
History of Eastern Christianity
History of Medieval Christianity
History of Early Modern Christianity
History of Modern Christianity
History of Christianity in the United States

Understanding Theology
Historical Theology
Systematic Theology
Christian Ethics: Society, Justice, and Peace
Ecclesiology: The Church as a Subject of Theological Study
The Sacramental Church and the Sacraments
Liturgy: History, Theological Reflections, and Practical Guides
Public Theology of Management
Miscellaneous: Theological Studies Difficult to Classify

Historical Treatments
Franciscan Spirituality and Theology

We will periodically update these bibliographies as relevant new works roll off the presses. Additional bibliographies will emerge over time.

If you have any suggestions about how these links could be more informative and/or accessible, please feel free to Contact Us. Also please let us know if you encountered any glitches or navigational problems.

Thank you for visiting this site in progress, and please visit us again.

Pax et bonum,

The Rev. Jeannine Carol Singleton, OFR
The Rev. Dr. Gregory Holmes Singleton, OFR

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