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Individualized Programs of Study

If there is a specific area of study within the scope of the mission of this Virtual House of Studies that is not adequately addressed by any of the bibliographies, or if you would like a more detailed course of study on any of the existing topics, we are happy to work with you in developing a bibliography. In addition, we are available for both e-mail and telephone consultation as your progress through your reading. If you like, we can develop study guides to accompany the bibliographies and we will be happy to respond to your reflections on these readings.

The only limitations on this service are:

1. The topic must fall within our stated mission.

2. We are happy to help with bibliographical leads and guidance, but provide neither research assistance nor proof-reading services.

3. Our involvement is limited to educational services. We do not participate in the development of polemical arguments or advocacy position papers. However, we are happy to provide the educational background for those who wish to develop such materials.

If there is a topic you would like to explore, please contact us at

Please include:

1. Your Name

2. Your Congregation

3. Your Ecclesial Jurisdiction or Denomination

4. Your Telephone Number

5. The Topic You Wish to Study

6. Your Background In the Topic
(e.g., None, Read a Little, Previous Course Work, Undergraduate Study, Graduate Study)

If you are a member of an ECC congregation, there is no charge for this service. For simple projects requested by those who are not members of ECC congregations there will be no fee, but if a project is particularly time-consuming there may be a modest fee. In such cases we will give that information at the start.

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